Regulations for the participation of the International Folklore Festival Danetzare

Focus of the Festival: Folklore dance. The festival focuses on traditional dance, accompanied by music and singing.


Organizer: Thüringer Folklore Ensemble Erfurt e. V.

Managing Director: Vanessa Heinemann

Street: Petersberg 3

City: 99084 Erfurt

Phone: 0049 361/ 4213499

Fax: 0049 361/ 6025344


Website: and


Festival period: 28th June - 2nd July 2018

Official date of arrival: 28th June 2018

Official date of departure: 2nd July 2018


Quantity of participants: The group including dancers, musicians, accompanying persons, directors and drivers shall not exceed the number of 40 persons.

A maximum of 10% of the entire group can be accompanying persons. This is very important and will be controlled strictly.


Age: There is no age limit. The composition of the group must be reported at the application. The submitted composition is firm.

Children- and youth groups must notice, that some of the events are planned until midnight.


Accomodation for international groups: During the festival (from official date of arrival to official date of departure) the participants will be lodged in a hotel, hostel, youth hostel or host family. The organizer bears the costs for the accommodation, additional nights are possible and must be announced and paid by the groups themselves.


Catering for international groups: The group receives full board for the duration of the festival (from official date of arrival to official date of departure), which means three meals per day, starting with lunch on June 28th. On the day of departure the caterer will provide a lunch bag. The meals will be served at the hotel/hostel/youth hostel or host family or at particular event locations as community catering. The organizer bears the costs for the catering, additional meals before the official arrival and after the official departure are the responsability of the group.


Insurance: The group is responsible for their personal-, accident- and health insurance. First aid is available but medical expences must be paid by the participants.


Travel costs for international groups:  The group bears the costs for the journey, the organizer bears the travel costs within Germany.


Visa: The group is responsible for the application of their Visa. The organizer will support the application process through an official confirmation of the participation at the local embassy. Visa- and handling fees shall not be refunded.


Group mentoring: The organizer provides a guide for every group. This guide is available during the entire festival. At least one member of the group should be able to speak English or German.



• up to four stage performances of 10 - 60 minutes daily

• a parade through the historic town centre

• short performances at streets and places

• join-in dances

• children's programs for children- and youthgroups

common dance of the 'flashmob' with all participating groups


The festival will take place at the streets and places of the medieval town centre of Erfurt. The venues are within walking distance or can be reached by public transport. The organizer expects corresponding mobility of the participants and self-dependent transport of requisits and instruments.


Official reception: At least one representive of the group participates in an official reception of the town of Erfurt.


Gifts: The group should bring eight gifts for the exchange between the groups and one additional gift for the reception of the town of Erfurt.


Souvenir sales: The group can sell authentic products, folk art, music, etc. during the festival. The organizer can provide sale booths or tables for the purchase of goods. The sale of souvenirs must be announced to the organizer in advance to the festival.


Video / Photo: By registering, all members of the participating groups permit the Thuringian Folklore Ensemble Erfurt. V.  the free production of photo and film recordings which can be used unlimited in time, space, material and content for the purposes of the press and public relations work of the Thuringian Folklore Ensemble Erfurt e. V.


Responsibilities of the group directors: the director of the group is fully responsible for the discipline, the safety and the belongings of the group (costumes, music, instruments). The group has the responsibility to participate in all planned performances and events. The group has to wear their costumes during these events. The entire group can be excluded from the festival immediately in case of theft, robbery, alcohol- & drug abuse or racist, unconstitutional and extremist statements by group members.


Application process:


1. Submission of the completed form including significant video links until the 15th October 2017.

2. Commitment or refusal by the organizer until 15th December 2017.

3. In case of a commitment, the group will receive an official invitation.

4. The group sends detailed group information as well as a confirmation of the participation.

4. An accurate schedule and further information will be submitted after the confirmation of the participation


Cost sharing: In case of cancellation of the group after confirmation and official invitation the organizer reserves the rights to demand reimbursement of expenses related to the cancellation.

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Thüringer Folklore Ensemble Erfurt e.V.

Petersberg 3

99084 Erfurt


Tel: 0361 4213499

Fax: 0361 6025344