Danetzare - the world dancing in Erfurt

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ERFURTER FÜR DANETZARE!! - Mit nur 5€ können SIE zum Unterstützer des Internationalen Folklorefestivals Danetzare 2015 werden! >>> Jetzt Unterstützer werden! <<<

Danetzare in Erfurt

For five days people from all over Europe meet at the streets and places of Erfurt to share their culture and traditions (music, dances, songs and traditional costumes). The colorful and frisky ado will be crowned with a pageant through the city.

Danetzare is:

  • A tangle of dancing, music, amazement, tradition, laughing, sweating, celebrating and breathtaking costumes from all around the globe
  • Rhythm!! Everywhere in town you see people forgetting what they wanted to do, stopping with their children on their shoulders forgetting time, because they cannot stop listening to these foreign sounds in front of the Krämerbrücke, the Anger or the Petersberg.
  • Spontaneity! There are knots of people everywhere in town. getting through becomes a challenge.

Danetzare - at a glance

Organizer: Thüringer Folklore Ensemble e. V.
Event location: Historical center of Erfurt and the Petersberg Citadel
Participants: ca. 500 national and international participants
Voluntary workers:  ca. 80 people
Numbers of visitors: ca. 35000 visitors
Special guests: Ambassador and consul of the invited ensembles
Target group: Children, families, tourists, all people interested in dance and culture
Catchment area: International, Thuringia, Erfurt
Interest of media: Print, radio, television and online media